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STEM Coach Amy Blackwell of Blackwell Communications LLC with Galápagos Giant TortoiseDec. 2016:

Galápagos Islands inhabitants say they no longer need fireplaces to ward off night's chill. There is no night chill anymore.

Blackwell Communications LLC's owner Amy Blackwell is lead funder for the Dr. Gerard "Jerry" Wellington Marine Climate Change Project, which is gathering crucial equatorial climate change data. Click here for the July 2017 project report from the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF), highlighting observations from a collaborative CDF / Galápagos National Park Directorate / Conservation International expedition to Darwin and Wolf in the northernmost part of the islands. Want to help? Click here to donate to CDF online. Or mail your check -- designating your donation to the Dr. Gerard "Jerry" Wellington Marine Climate Change Project of the Charles Darwin Foundation -- to International Community Foundation, 2505 N Ave, National City CA 91950.

Biologist Amy Blackwell of Blackwell Communications LLC conducting Antarctica wildlife field research in December 2014Dec. 2014:

At one landing site on the Antarctic Peninsula, it was nearly 60°F. Penguins were frantically cooling their bellies on the snowpack.

Many thanks to Field Notes Brand for providing extra gear, in addition to our order of their fantastic waterproof Expedition notebooks! Bonus: Said notebooks have an Antarctica topo map on the cover. Here's a pic of Blackwell Communications LLC owner & biologist Amy Blackwell taking field notes.

2009 South Africa Gender Research Findings 
Amy traveled to Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town in 2009 with the People-to-People International delegation to research the roles of women in South African higher education. You can view her summary photoessay here.

2010 Cuba Gender Research Findings
Amy's ventured with the AAUW delegation to Havana in 2010 to research gender equity and women's roles in Cuban society.

Click here to see pictures that Amy took in Havana.

2012 China Gender Research Findings
In 2012 Amy traveled with the AAUW research delegation to China to see what life is like for women and girls in Chinese society.

Click here to see the pictures that Amy took in China.

Examples of Other Research Projects
Upon moving to Colorado, owner Amy Blackwell, BS MA, volunteered her research skills at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. For NCAR's Environmental & Societal Impacts Group, she compiled research on natural resource management strategies implemented by midwestern Anglo settlers and Lakota Sioux amid severe atmospheric conditions in the 1800s. Currently, Amy researches federal and state compounding pharmacy regulatory changes for Monument Pharmacy. She has also researched developments in domestic violence law, policy, statistics, and eradication efforts for posting on Crisis Center's social media outlets.

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